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Deliciously Doped: A Review of Skittle Edibles

Need to unwind at the end of the day? A little stressed and looking for an escape? Or maybe you’re just jonesing for some classic SKITTLES candy but are stuck at work and can’t leave? Whatever your reason, if you’re looking to indulge your sweet tooth, it’s hard to beat the delicious taste of these Skittle edibles.

600 mg skittles edibles for sale

They came in a colorful cardboard box with an attached label stating their weight, THC potency and strain. The package had Sour Candies printed in bright red letters above Skittles. My first thought was that it didn’t look like any other product sold at my local dispensary; they definitely looked like normal, delicious sour candies to me. I would have no idea these were medicated if I hadn’t been told. These edibles are discreet as hell! Not only do they look exactly like normal candy, but also even smell exactly like them too. After popping one into my mouth (I got Apple Pie), I waited about 20 minutes for it to kick in before continuing on with my day. This gave me plenty of time to ponder how long it actually takes for edibles to kick in. Are you supposed to wait an hour? Two hours? What is considered too long? In short, there is no set amount of time required for your edible to kick in—it varies from person to person and depends on what type of edible you are consuming. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours or more depending on how much you consume, your metabolism and what kind of edible it is.


Skittles has made its entry into the edibles market with a new product. It is now selling Skittles Edibles in the UK. The company is partnering with Tootsie to produce the candy. The candies are available in packs of three for £5.

The company’s foray into the edibles market comes at a time when this segment of the industry is booming in popularity.


Skittles is a brand of confectionery sold world wide. It was created in the 1920s by William Wrigley Jr. and was introduced to the United States in 1948. The company produces many different flavors, but their most popular flavor is the original fruit-flavored skittles.

In recent years, Skittles has started to experiment with different flavors for their candy. In 2013, they released a limited edition of Sour Skittles in flavours such as lemon and watermelon that were popular during summer time.

Recently, Skittles has been making headlines with their new product: Skittles Edibles for Sale US!

Skittles Edibles are available in six flavors: grape, strawberry, peach, raspberry lemonade, orange mango and apple pie. They are also available in three different sizes: 1 oz., 3 oz., and 5 oz.


Skittles, the candy-coated fruit flavored candy, has been around for over 30 years. They are the most popular flavor of M&M’s in the United States and have been a staple in many American households. Their popularity has even led to other products like Skittles gum and Skittles vodka.


Skittles Edible is a product that is made by Skittles, but it’s not a traditional candy. It’s actually made with cannabis oil, so it’s edible instead of just being something you eat. The product is marketed towards adults who want to use cannabis medicinally or recreationally but don’t want to smoke it or vape it because they don’t like the smell or taste of marijuana smoke or vaping oils.

Skittles is a brand of fruit-flavored, chewy candies made by Mars, Incorporated.

Skittles edible is a new product by the company that has been dubbed “the world’s first candy for adults.” It was launched in 2017 and is available for purchase in six different flavors. The cost of Skittles edible ranges from $50 to $100 per package.


600mg skittle edibles
600 mg skittle edibles

As soon as I opened up my package, I was met with a pleasant smell that wasn’t overpowering. It reminded me of skittles, and it wasn’t too potent. The edibles also had a shiny sheen to them, which I find appealing. My only complaint is that they were slightly crushed upon arrival. However, despite their condition, they still tasted delicious! If you’re someone who doesn’t like strong smells or tastes, these are definitely for you.
One 10mg edible is equal to 1g of marijuana; however, when consumed orally (versus smoked), cannabis can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours before taking effect. When I ate one at 6pm on an empty stomach, I didn’t feel anything until 8pm—but by then, I was feeling very relaxed and happy! The high lasted for about 4 hours, which I thought was pretty good. The next day, I felt great too—I wasn’t hungover or groggy like you would be after smoking weed. Overall, these are a great option if you want to get high without smoking it! Be sure to eat it with food in your stomach so that you don’t experience any adverse side effects. And remember, always keep edibles out of reach from children and pets! 🙂


Taste of skittles gummies edibles

Sour skittles are candy. They’re made to taste good. If you like skittles, you’ll probably enjoy eating them as an edible, even if they don’t have any THC in them. The first thing I noticed when I ate a few was that they tasted just like regular sour skittles, which is to say that they were delicious. The second thing I noticed was that it took me a while to finish one bag because there were only five pieces per bag and each piece was pretty big (about two inches long). After eating one bag of these edibles, I felt very happy but not stoned at all. It would be easy to eat too many of these things without realizing it because they’re so tasty. As a result, I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat more than one or two bags of these things unless you know how much THC is in them and how your body reacts to cannabis. For example, if you can handle smoking weed fairly easily then maybe you could handle eating three or four bags without getting sick. On the other hand, if you get really paranoid after taking a hit off a joint then you might want to stick with just one bag. In terms of effects, I didn’t feel anything for about 45 minutes after eating my first bag of medicated skittles. Then I started feeling very relaxed and mellow for another hour or so before going to bed.


Aesthetics for edibles skittles

Overall, these candies look exactly like a bag of regular skittles. In fact, even if you didn’t know it was medicated, you wouldn’t be able to tell from looking at them. It would appear that whoever designed them put a lot of time and effort into making sure they could still look like actual skittles so that no one will question what it is when you whip out your packet of drugged-up munchies. I really appreciated how much thought went into their design. They also come in a variety of colors (though I only received red and orange), which helps keep things festive—and, again, doesn’t give away any clues as to what they are. The packaging itself isn’t particularly impressive; just a small plastic bag with a sticker on it. But, hey, who cares about packaging? The important thing is that they taste good! And boy do they ever…
Well, for those of us here at Brave New Weed World Headquarters who prefer sativa over indica varieties, let me say that these bite-sized pellets pack quite a kick. As soon as I tasted my first one, my head started tingling. Next came some mood elevation, followed by some mild physical relaxation and heightened energy levels. About an hour after eating my stash (of four) my body felt very relaxed but hyperactive at the same time—I couldn’t stop moving around or talking!


Functionality and Potency

I’ve found that most edibles offer a reasonably mellow high, but if you are looking for something with a bit more kick, Sour Skittles will give you both. You can definitely feel 400 mg in one dose. If it is your first time eating edibles or if you do not take them often, be warned that they will make you feel pretty messed up and drowsy at first. However, once that first wave has passed, you are good to go. The effects last about four hours on average. As far as potency goes, these are some of the strongest edibles I have tried so far. Just don’t overdo it! These medicated candies pack quite a punch. In addition, they taste great. My personal favorite was Strawberry Kix—it tastes just like regular skittles. Overall, I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys smoking marijuana and wants an alternative way to get their fix without having to smoke a joint or bong rip every time. They are super convenient and tasty too! So why not try these delicious treats? They won’t disappoint.


Value (Price vs. Quality, Availability, Variety, Etc.)

When it comes to edibles, one of their biggest drawbacks is that they’re so hard to dose. Most edibles are sold in single-dose trays, which can be dangerous for new users and/or if you’re just looking for a little something extra at night. I don’t think skittles make for a great edible because there’s no set dosage and all you know about them is that they say skittles on them. However, these medicated skittles were easy to dose and had an accurate THC percentage listed right on them. They were also affordable compared to other options out there (and much better than most). With only 20mg of THC per package, though, I was disappointed with how expensive each package was. For example, you could get five packages of sour patch kids for $20 but only four packages of skittles would cost $25. Also, it took over a week for my order to arrive after placing it—not ideal when trying to time your high with work or social events.


Availability (Ease of Purchase & Location, Delivery Options, etc.)

As a piece of candy, skittles are highly available in my area. While I don’t see them in gas stations or convenience stores, you can find them almost anywhere that sells candy or snacks. These include grocery stores and major retailers like Target and Walmart. Online is another story; you can be able to order these online from any legitimate site like ours as we consider customer satisfaction as our number one priority.


Serving Suggestions

When it comes to eating edibles, preparation is key. Here are a few things you can do before ingesting your skittles to enhance your experience and maximize your product. This will help ensure that you enjoy your edibles as much as possible. First, make sure to only eat one at a time. The effects of edibles tend to be more intense than smoking or vaporizing cannabis, so if you’re not prepared for that level of intensity then take smaller doses until you know how they affect you. Second, don’t eat them on an empty stomach. Make sure you have eaten something in advance so that your body has food in its system to metabolize along with the cannabinoids. Finally, wait an hour before taking another edibleit takes about an hour for edibles to kick in, and once they do you want to make sure you dont overdo it by taking too many too quickly. You might also consider using a bong or pipe instead of consuming edibles if you’re looking for a faster high. Bongs and pipes provide users with immediate relief from their symptoms because there is no waiting period between inhaling and feeling effects like there is when consuming edibles.


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